Jun 7th, 2012

Devil May Cry fans will find the newest iteration of the series to be a completely different game. It is so different that we don’t even have a number to identify it as a sequel. This will certainly change when the title is released, but for now we will just have to call it the “new” Devil May Cry.

We find ourselves in a modern world with populated cities. The environment is no longer dark and gloomy, as there is sunlight, but evil can definitely be perceived. The graphics and character movement effects are also much more realistic. And if that wasn’t enough, there is more than enough eye-candy with special effects for those that like flashes and sparks during combat.

The Devil May Cry series is definitely a favorite among gamers, so we are excited to get our hands on this game next year (2013). We are definitely impressed. In fact, we are sure this is one of the biggest highlights of E3 2012. The graphics, new style and sharpened attention to detail are simply impressive. You have to see it, so check it out and let us know if you agree!