Jul 25th, 2012

The fourth expansion for World of Warcraft, titled Mists of Pandaria, has been slated for release on Tuesday, September 25. The expansion will be available on PC and Mac for $39.99. Players will be able to download the pack through Blizzard’s online store, though there will also be boxed editions available at brick and mortar locations.

For those who are willing to dish out a bit more, a Collector’s Edition will be available for $79.99. The special edition comes with the game disc, a Blu-ray DVD with behind the scenes footage, the game’s soundtrack, as well as the official 208-page art book. In addition, users will be given several digital items like an Imperial Quilen flying mount, StarCraft 2 Battle.net portraits, and Diablo III Banner Sigil and Accents.

Fans of the series can also get their hands on a Digital Deluxe version of the expansion through Blizzard’s online store for $59.99. This particular edition comes with the bonus digital items included in the Collector’s Edition. Anyone can upgrade to the Digital Deluxe version at any point in the future by paying the difference.

Mike Morhaime, Blizzard CEO and co-founder, had this to say about the upcoming WoW expansion:

Mists of Pandaria contains the biggest variety of new content we’ve ever created for a World of Warcraft expansion, with features that will appeal to new players, veterans, and everyone in between. We’ve received a lot of great feedback from players during our most extensive beta test yet, and we hope they enjoy exploring everything Pandaria has to offer when the expansion comes out in September.
Come September 25, will you be switching over to Mists of Pandaria, jumping back onto WoW just for this expansion, or have you completed your 12 step program to freedom? Let us know about your gaming habits in the comments section below…