Nov 17th, 2012

Are you a big fan of the Dexter TV show? If so, you will definitely enjoy the game. You can become part of the story and allow the Dark Passenger to take charge. You would play as Dexter Morgan, a serial killer that only acts upon his “code” and kills dangerous criminals.

Sadly for us Dexter and Android fans, Dexter The Game has only been available for iOS and PC. This is why the second game’s launch on the Android platform comes as great news for all of us… even if Dexter himself mentioned it was offensive to see a game where one was the serial killer. Likewise, many probably won’t like the idea of a Dexter game, but we will leave that to personal choice.

The graphics don’t seem to be the best, but the storyline could make up for it. Plus, we are not looking at a full-fledged game here. You can now get it from the Google Play Store for $2.99, so enjoy! I know what I will be doing after work.