Jan 31st, 2013

Yesterday, the PlayStation Blog and Twitter alike ranted and raved about their brief time with Killzone: Mercenary and its use of the Killzone 3 engine for Vita. Today, Rockstar came clean about postponing the release of Grand Theft Auto V by four months. Both of these games are scheduled to release on September 17th.

Will GTA V’s new release date hurt sales of Killzone: Mercenary on Vita? This is the absolute last thing the Vita needs. If all of the gamers in the world had only enough money to buy one game from September 17th, which of these two games is likely to be purchased on day one and which one is going on their holiday wishlist? Never mind any other blockbuster titles that may also plan to release between September and December.

Rockstar is not trying to hurt the Vita with its guaranteed seller of a franchise, so I wonder what their motives were for choosing that date. And we also must assume that the date was chosen well before the Killzone: Mercenary announcement the day before. I’m going to predict that Killzone: Mercenary gets either released early with little to no marketing or it gets delayed deeper into the holiday release onslaught.