Jan 31st, 2013

Sony has announced another PS3 slim console color coming to North America March 12. A “Garnet Red” new slim system will be bundled into the God of War: Ascension Legacy bundle and will tout a 500GB HDD, a copy of God of War HD Saga, and a copy of God of War: Ascension for $349.99.

They recently announced the 500GB white slim PS3 bundled in with a 1-year subscription to PlayStation Plus for just $299.99. While these bundles target console shoppers looking to spend $300 or more, I think it’s high time for Sony to announce a plain black slim PS3 by itself for under $200. Slap in a 300GB HDD and a 1-month PS Plus subscription card and tax season will be theirs for the taking.

Does color matter? Does size matter? I’ve asked that last question before and received a resounding “no” from a bunch of Nintendo fans. I wonder what game fans think.