Feb 3rd, 2013

@AngryBirds have been tweet-teasing the Escape From Hoth update for a while and now it’s here. It brings 20 more levels following the Angry Birds version of the Star Wars tale, two new bonus levels, new enemies, and an epic moving boss battle.

The update seems to bring more than just levels as purchasers of the HD version on Android are complaining about more frequent ads. It’s come knowledge that when there is a free ad-supported version and a premium version, the money goes toward eliminating the need for ads. It seems Angry Birds thinks the money goes towards the fact that its an HD version.

Angry Birds Star Wars is available in the App Store for iOS for $4.99 and on Android for free or in HD for $2.99. Let us know what you think of the new levels. Has Rovio delivered value in your purchase with these free level updates or are they pushing it with ads in the paid version?