Feb 12th, 2013

PC gaming has been in decline over the past decade. And while many had written off the PC to die years ago, the platform is still doing pretty well. Despite the piracy and lack of games (many publishers have stopped doing PC ports), most hardcore gamers stick to the platform.

PC gamersAnd the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft — the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox 720, respectively — might actually be a good thing for PC gamers.

According to the latest rumors, both the PS4 and Xbox 720 will be powered by the same type of x86 CPUs found in the average PC. On top of that, the Xbox 720 will reportedly use the same software API and tools that PC developers use: DirectX 11.

This means that porting console games to the PC will be much, much easier and cheaper. On top of that, the ports themselves will be better, since the games will use the same APIs and core technologies. Most PC ports of late have been far inferior to their console counterparts, despite PCs being much more powerful. This could change drastically with the next generation of consoles.

If the next crop of consoles are built with PC hardware, it will be much easier for developers to give PC gamers decent ports of their console titles, without breaking the bank. And with services like Steam and Origin still growing every year, it’s easier to distribute games. Piracy is and has always been an issue with PC games, and it’s unlikely we’ll ever see an end to that.

But as long as the new generation of consoles are built using PC hardware, PC gamers should feel optimistic about getting some of those better next-gen console games on their PCs. And in this case, the ports themselves should be of much higher quality.