Apr 17th, 2013

It’s late on Wednesday evening in many parts of the world, early Thursday for others. What better way to get over the hump of the middle of the week than to listen to some smooth acapella renditions of classic Nintendo video game songs. Smooth McGroove visits The Legend of Zelda, the Lost Woods, and Guile’s theme song from Street Fighter II.

Just watching McGroove’s videos is entertaining enough to get me through the week and I’ll likely be revisiting these regularly. I appreciate musical talent as he displays over and over with these acapella remakes of classic video game chiptunes. Even some of his non-chiptune arrangements are more enjoyable than the actual ones.

Have you got any fun and interesting non-work related ways to get through the week? Please, do share with us either here in the comments section or by sending us an email. What’s your favorite Smooth McGroove song? Follow him on Twitter or buy his stuff on iTunes.