Jun 6th, 2013


We are growing nearer and nearer to E3 2013. Nick Kosmides from GameFans/PS4Daily, Ashley King from WiiUDaily, Chris Chavez from Phandroid, and Mark Hearn from XboxOneDaily will all be at the many events this year.

In episode 2, we talk a lot about games. Which games do we anticipate the most? Which games will matter the most? Which games will sell consoles? How about more about the hardware and what Sony’s strategy will be going into this holiday season release war?

We listened to feedback from our first show and have improved the audio quality of this show. You can leave comments about the show below as always, or you can send us your questions pertaining to E3 to podcast[at]gamefans[dot]com. As requested, here are our Twitter handles:

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