Jul 25th, 2013


In episode 7, the team talks about Comic-Con, Ubisoft’s new Limited Edition bundles of Assassin’s Creed IV and The Watch Dogs, Capcom’s new Strider, Nintendo’s next Zelda game, and more. Nick comes up with a new concept to map buttons to generic presets saved in the system, not the game. Plus, a potentially nice give-away to the Nintendo fans is talked about…feedback required! What to win some past Club Nintendo Platinum rewards?

In Q&A Time, we ask everyone what their favorite and least favorite comic book characters and movies are. Email us your questions or comments on this show and others to podcast [at] gamefans [dot] com.

Nick Kosmides (@KosmoCrisis) – PS4Daily
Mark Hearn (@MisterHearn) – XboxOneDaily
Ashley King (@overlordror) – WiiUDaily

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