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Join us in episode #12 as we reminisce about the Nintendo Power Glove and The Wizard. Of course we cover the latest news about the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Wii U consoles. Next week we’ll talk about Nintendo’s Wii U price drop and the newly announced 2DS handheld device, as this episode was recorded before these announcements.

We had a comment from a listener on WiiUDaily that we address and in lieu of said comment, sped speedily through What We’re Playing for the week.

01:45 Xbox One news: white Xbox One, MS points now cash, XBO behind glass in stores, “One controller”, release date?
15:50 PlayStation 4 news:
25:43 Nintendo news
32:46 vintage Nintendo talk: Virtual Boy, Power Glove, The Wizard, Track’n Field mat
36:00 Site related news: Splinter Cell Blacklist giveaway (WiiUDaily)
39:00 Gamescom highlights and awards discussion
48:15 Comment Shoutout
49:42 What We’re Playing/Watching

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