Sep 9th, 2013

This game looks amazing and it’s nowhere near done.┬áConatus Creative has officially licensed the title for this sequel. They aim to release a true NES sequel with same level of 8-bit graphics and chiptune sound of the NES, while improving the fighting moves set, animations, and physics.

Watching the Kickstarter trailer reveals more than just the game itself, but also what the team at Conatus Creative aim to create. River City Ransom will graduate to a 2.5D open-world format with RPG elements on Windows. They will add the ability to play as different characters and interact more with the environment. The world of River City has been expanded and they say there is much more to explore this time around.

They are asking for $180,000 Canadian, which is valued at $0.96 US right now. Unfortunately for cheapskates, a $20 CAD pledge will get you a copy of the game on Windows while the $5 CAD pledge gets you a desktop wallpaper and a fake high five. There are no stretch goals at this time, but they aren’t ruling them out if this thing catches on.

I was extremely eager and willing to back this game until I realized that Windows was literally the only platform they are making this for. Being a huge PlayStation gamer, but a fan of all, this saddens me a bit to not see them interested in sharing their game with more gamers. For an NES sequel to not be released on consoles seems like a questionable move.

Will you back River City Ransom Underground for Windows? Let us know in the comments section below…

[Source: Kickstarter]