Sep 11th, 2013


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This week was Sony’s week as Japan gets a release date for the PlayStation 4. At TGS 2013, Sony also unveiled the redesigned Vita in several new colors and the all new Vita TV. Nintendo comments on free-to-play gaming on Wii U while Microsoft is not going to allow PlayStation 4 any edge in performance.

01:09 Sony news: Japan gets a PS4 release date, new Vita redesign, and the Vita TV
20:00 Nintendo news: *more Free-to-play coming to Wii U, MiiVerse app coming to smartphones and 3DS “soon”
28:30 Microsoft new: Dead Rising 3 info, Xbox marketing says “no way” to giving Sony a 30% performance edge, Xbox One in the wild?
37:08 Listen comment of the day from Adrian on WiiUDaily
38:38 Q&A Time: 1. Anything wrong with the current Vita? 2. Would a 3DS owner also buy a 2DS?
48:24 Who has a better game library? Vita or 3DS?
51:58 Madden NFL 13 Vita snap review
53:30 What we’ve been watching and playing

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