Sep 18th, 2013


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Grand Theft Auto 5 came out this week. Are you playing it? We break right into the news for Wii U, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One despite Rockstar not once announcing GTA 5 for any of those systems. Is “Full HD” 1080p important to you going into the next generation of consoles? If not, then you won’t be upset to learn Ryse for Xbox One will be 900p and not full HD 1080p. Sony is manufacturer almost as fast as the PS4 is pre-ordering. And Microsoft buys the web domain. All this and more in episode #15 of the GameFans Podcast.

01:16 Sony news: PS4 production yields are high, BF4 PS3-to-PS4 upgrade for $10, PS4 50% more powerful than XBone, PS4Daily Most Anticipated PS4 games poll results
15:15 Nintendo news: Monster Hunter 4 selling well in Japan, white Pro Controller on sale at Best Buy, NSMBU+NSLU bundle in EU, Nintendo showing everyone their indies at Eurogamer Expo
22:04 Microsoft news: MS buys “” web domain, no load screens for Dead Rising 3, MS naming its Siri “Cortana”, $70 CoD: Ghosts bundle, Forza 5 is 1080p but Ryse is ONLY 900p
40:18 Q&A Time: Are you getting GTA V?
45:01 Listener Comment: Fred (WiiUDaily)
47:05 Wii U storage problems. “Officer, there’s no problem here.”
54:47 What We’ve Been Playing: Disney Infinity (PS3), Hot Shots Golf World Invitational (Vita/PSN), Killzone Mercenary (Vita), Final Fantasy XIV (PC)
59:15 What We’ve Been Watching: Dexter, Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire, Now You See Me, Riddick IMAX, The Walking Dead

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