Sep 25th, 2013


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Former Nintendo President Hiroshi Yamauchi passed away, having held the position for 53 years from 1949 until 2002. Sega says its games sell better on Nintendo than Xbox or PlayStation consoles.

Microsoft declares four apps can be running simultaneously on Xbox One while six users can sign into Live at the same time. Orchid is coming to Killer Instinct leaving just two characters left to be revealed.

Sony launches another promotion that will give $10 back for every $50 spent in the PlayStation Store. Deep Down is not only exclusive to PS4, but also free-to-play. All this and a whole lot more…

01:50 – Nintendo news: Sonic performs better on Nintendo systems, Europe getting Wii U Gamepad extended battery pack Oct. 4, former Nintendo President dies
11:12 – Microsoft news: XBone exclusive Crimson Dragon only $20, don’t stand your Xbox One vertically, XBox One can play PS4 via HDMI passthru, Orchid revealed for Killer Instinct, no indies until 2014, XBone can run 4 apps simultaneously
29:21 – Sony news: Lone Survivor: Director’s Cut jumps from PC to PSN, spend $50 get $10 back promo runs until end of October, Deep Down is free to play PS4 exclusive, GaiKai will stream PlayStation games to PC and mobile devices, official PlayStation App coming to mobile devices in November
35:20 – Vita TV discussion
40:56 – What We’ve Been Playing: Killzone Mercenary, GTA 5, GTA: Liberty City Stories, Assassin’s Creed Liberation, Rymdkapsel, Deepest Dungeon of Doom
52:54 – What We’ve Been Watching: Star Trek: Into Darkness, Bones, The Glades, Dexter finale, Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire, Sleepy Hollow

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