Nov 8th, 2013

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PlayStation 4 is less than one week away. The editors of PS4Daily, XboxOneDaily, and WiiUDaily talk about the upcoming launch. They also find time to talk about what’s wrong with Nintendo’s marketing strategy and why Capcom is likely releasing the Xbox One exclusive Dead Rising 3 with 720p resolution and 30 fps instead of 1080p/60fps.

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01:57 PlayStation new releases – TuneIn Radio Vita mini review
07:05 Xbox 360 new releases – N.W.O. Hulk Hogan is a bad guy
10:15 Nintendo new releases – Wii Mini is bad for business
16:07 Wii U/3DS News Talk
21:50 PlayStation 4 News Talk
40:55 Xbox One News Talk
52:36 What We’re Playing: Battlefield 4 PS3, WWE 2K14, Batman Arkham Origins
63:20 Sidebar: Hunger Games is not a good movie

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