Jul 18th, 2016

pokemon go myths

One of the greatest joys of the early Pokemon games for many old-ass gamers like myself was the schoolyard mystery and rumor surrounding the game. Niantic has managed to re-create the social feel of discussing Pokemon with your friends by launching the game without much of a tutorial in the way of HOW to play the game, so Pokemon Trainers across the globe have taken to the Internet to speculate on some of the tricks you can do in the game.

Turns out a lot of those tips and tricks that have been posted to the internet on forums, message boards, and social media over the past few days have been a lot of Trubbish. Here’s the most egregious list of Pokemon Go myths we’ve seen posted. Don’t fall into the trap of believing these because they’re fanciful thinking at best.

Nope, ghost type Pokemon don’t prefer to appear in “scary” places like cemeteries.

This one was rife with speculation all over places Pokemon Go players congregate like the subreddit and GameFAQs, but it’s simply not true. While you may happen upon a Ghastly or Haunter near a cemetery, it’d be a coincidence. There’s nothing in the game that makes ghost-type Pokemon more attracted to places to haunt, so don’t go rushing down to the local graveyard searching for Haunter.

The weather has no effect on which Pokemon will appear in your location.

In the early days of the game, people speculated wildly about the conditions surrounding certain Pokemon appearances. Someone started a rumor about catching a Zapdos during a thunderstorm and a legend was born. However, it’s simply not true. There’s currently no system in the game to regulate Pokemon to appear based on the weather, so you won’t see more electric Pokemon during a thunderstorm, or water Pokemon during a downpour.

Nope, the app won’t count your walking towards hatching eggs if it’s closed.


Since the app vibrates when the screen is off to alert you to nearby Pokemon, some people have suggested that any walking you do while the app is closed counts toward hatching your eggs. Sadly, that’s not the case. If you want to hatch those eggs, you’ll need to have the app open and actively playing the game while you’re walking to hatch them. Unless you drive around under 15mph.

No, there’s no country-exclusive Pokemon as far as we know. You’ll be able to catch Farfetch’d in any country.


Somehow a rumor got started on the Internet that Farfetch’d is exclusive to Japan. This led to a frenzy of people angry about the notion that some Pokemon might be exclusive to certain countries, but this isn’t the case. While some rare Pokemon still haven’t shown their faces to many, as far as we know there are no Pokemon that are exclusive to one specific geographic region.

You can’t determine what your Eevee will evolve into by its moveset.


One rumor that spread like wildfire is that you can tell whether your Eevee will involve into a Vaporeon, Jolteon, or Flareon based on its special move type. That’s entirely untrue, however. The evolution of Eevee is entirely random so if you keep getting Flareon, you’re just having bad luck.

Standing on top of rustling leaves doesn’t mean a Pokemon will appear instantly.


You’ve probably noticed little leaves rustling on the map as you walk around. That does mean there’s a Pokemon somewhere in the area, but walking over the rustling leaves isn’t a guaranteed way to get the Pokemon to show up. Instead, you’ll have to wait an unspecified amount of time.