Oct 14th, 2016

Bullshot is a term first coined by Penny Arcade back in 2005 for screenshots of pre-release games that end up looking better than the final product ever has. That term has only grown on the internet as time has marched on, with recent examples like No Man’s Sky, Watch Dogs, and Aliens: Colonial Marines servings as some of the best examples of this phenomenon.

A UK consumer advocacy group called the Advertising Standards Authority has launched an investigation into No Man’s Sky for its “bullshots” on Steam, which show creatures that are much larger than they actually appear in the game, planets that are much more vibrant, and space that is more alive than what’s delivered in the final version of the game.

Still, this advocacy group is only authorised to act within the UK and regardless of what it finds, the only penalties for Hello Games will be having to remove the deceptive advertising. So why aren’t these bullshots illegal? This is why.