Nov 30th, 2016

Ground transportation has long been a problem in No Man’s Sky. Either you’re taking advantage of a boosting mechanic to get to your destination faster or precariously walking on the ground, waiting for your next opportunity to boost. However, No Man’s Sky’s next update might actually fix that.

With the Foundation update added to No Man’s Sky this week, Reddit user “eegandj” has uncovered a wealth of information about an upcoming land vehicle they dub the “Hybrid ATV.” According to eegandj , before you’re able to drive around with the ATV, you’ll have to complete a series of quests which include acquiring a Vehicle Terminal, hiring a mechanic, getting a garage, and fixing the ATV. If you’ve started building your base this week, a lot of that should sound familiar.

Here’s a video of the garage:


And another of an NPC ATV:

Not only does the ATV allow you to drive around on planets, but, according to files within the game, it also has vertical boosting and a weapons system. Both systems can be upgraded just like most other things in the game. The upcoming update will also add new resources to search for to power your ATV, some of which you can see in the photo below.


Now how the ATV will use fuel is unknown at this time, but we can expect more information the deeper eegandj digs or as we get closer to this update…whenever that may be.

Eegandj also notes that they found information about a 4th race called the “Diplomat” and some new information about freighters. There’s a lot more in their post, so go check it out.