Dec 6th, 2016

Let It Die is a free-to-play action survival game that released on the PlayStation 4 a few days ago and it’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. The best way to describe it is Dark Souls meets punk aesthetic combined with the random chance you’ll find in roguelike games. If you’re familiar with the Dark Souls franchise you’ll feel right at home playing Let It Die, but if you’ve never ventured into that side of gaming, allow me to hold your hand as we continue.

Stop Button Mashing Yourself to Death


Let It Die borrows a lot from the Dark Souls formula, including pitting you against enemies that are capable of taking you out in just a few hits. You need to be strategic with your swings because this game has a stamina system, even though it might not be obvious at first. Rather than relying on a fast charging stamina bar, your character’s heart will glow and beat faster as you exert yourself, eventually causing you to stop completely to recover.

This can have serious consequences if you’re in the middle of setting up a combo, so remember you’re not button mashing! Each swing takes a toll on your recovery and every weapon feels different. Figure out which weapons you like to swing and swing them strategically to great success.

Take advantage of devastating attacks


L2 and R2 are the main attack buttons in the game, but you can set up some interesting combos so long as the right conditions are met. Sneaking up on opponents can be done by crouching with L3 and approaching them from behind. Once behind them and undetected, you can perform a powerful suplex move. Once they’re prone, you can walk over to them and press X to perform a stomp attack for extra damage.

You can also set up an attack at the end of a run by performing a drop kick. This one is a bit harder to master and will require you to time it just right, but the effect is devastating when you land these blows.

Finally, you have a rage meter that you can use to perform rage attacks. Your regular attacks build this up and when you’re ready to unleash your full power, press triangle while attacking. Remember to time it right and make sure you’re going to connect with your enemy because you only get one swing and it can be wasted.

Pick Up Everything


When you first start the game, you’ll get off the subway train in your skivvies. Whatever clothing and items you find in the world are yours to keep, but you’ll need to fight for them. One key difference between Dark Souls and Let It Die is the weapon degredation. Weapons in Dark Souls can break, but that just means you can’t use them anymore. In Let It Die, the weapon breaks and disappears so you’ll always need to be shifting your strategies.

Additionally, there are several types of damage in the game including blunt, piercing, slashing, and elemental damage that you’ll need to be aware of when you attack enemies and bosses. Certain enemies and bosses may be immune to certain types of damage, so you’ll need to pack multiple weapons to overcome those challenges.

Watch Your Gear Closely


Because item degradation in the game is taken to the extreme, you’ll need to be aware of the state of your gear at all times. It’s very possible you could end up with weapons that are completely destroyed and you’ll have to find a boss with your firsts, which could spell certain death. The game is harsh in the same way that Dark Souls is, but it presents several opportunities for you to diversify your weapon loadout.

Don’t get too attached to one weapon and always vary your attacks to make the most of them. You’ll want to manage your gear as closely as you manage your health. Mushrooms serve as health pickups in the game, which you can eat to gain effects. Some of them are positive like giving a heal over time, while others are negative and might reduce your speed or cause you to hallucinate.

Know When to Leave


One of the punishing aspects of the game is when you die, you’ll lose Kill Coins and SPLithium that you’ve collected since the last visit to the Waiting Room. That’s really no different than losing a pile of souls in Dark Souls, but it can be frustrating when you’ve spent a while exploring an area and have a lot of coins collected.

A visit to the Waiting Room will suck up all the Kill Coins and SPLithium your fighter has collected and will deposit it into a bank for safe keeping so you can go out and explore. SPLithium is especially valuable, as it’s the only currency you can use to research and upgrade your gear.

Any blueprints you find in the world can be returned to the Chokufunsha shop so you can research them later. If you die beforehand, you’ll drop everything.

If all of this sounds like fun to you, then download Let It Die on PS4 and let us know how you’re having fun with the game!