Dec 9th, 2016

But wait, isn’t Smite a free-to-play game? I hear you asking. Hi-Rez Entertainment’s third-person MOBA is most certainly free-to-play in the same way that League of Legends is free-to-play. A limited set of gods are available all the time, while another set changes weekly to give free players a taste of the more than 80 gods that make up the game’s roster.

The Ultimate God Pack is available for $29.99 and unlocks all current and future gods for free, but if you don’t want to plunk down that much cash to try out gods, there are a handful that you can get for free just by doing a few things you’ve probably already done.

Here’s how to get them.

Artemis and Stalker Artemis skin

artemis-stalker-skin Artemis is an easy to play Hunter that can be unlocked for free just by following the official @smitegame Twitter handle. Once you’ve followed the account, head to this page on the official Hi-Rez website in order to verify. Once verified, Artemis will be unlocked and you’ll get a brand new skin to try out.

Artemis is fun to play if you enjoy ranged classes as her damage is absolutely beastly during the late game once you’ve leveled properly and purchased the right items. The Stalker skin isn’ that different from the default skin, but there are quests in the game to unlock a new skin occasionally and these are a great way of fulfilling those without spending a dime.

You can unfollow the account later if you don’t want Smite news in your feed and you’ll still keep the skin.

Nu Wa and Water Dancer Nu Wa skin


Nu Wa can bring variety to the mages you have in your pantheon if you’re not feeling the perpetually free-to-play Ra. Her playstyle is much different and she provides ways to mask your movements from enemies on the map, which is helpful in Conquest maps where wards are often the key to victory. Her abilities are mostly area of effect abilities, which require less accuracy than the straight line spells Ra casts.

You can unlock Nu Wa and her Water Dancer skin just by subscribing to the Hi-Rez Smite channel on YouTube. Once you’ve done that, return to the Hi-Rez website and verify that your profile has liked the page to receive the skin. As with Twitter, if you don’t want to see Smite news and updates in your YouTube feed you can unfollow the page immediately after you’ve verified the skin and you’ll keep it.


Solar Eclipse Ra skin


Ra is one of the default heroes that is always available to Smite players. He’s a mage that features high damage and can be a huge pain to fight in late game, thanks to his ability to heal his teammates and put out a lot of burst damage with his ultimate and other abilities. Ra is great if you like being as far away from the action as possible while still doing great damage to help out the team.

Since Ra is already unlocked, all you’ll get for completing this step is the Solar Eclipse Ra skin, which you can see in the image to the left. As I previously mentioned sometimes you’ll get quests to unlock a god skin, so this is great to clear those out of your quest queue. Just like the Smite page on Facebook and verify on the Hi-Rez website. Once verified if you don’t want news and updates, just unlike the page.


Apollo and Apollo Curse skin

apollo-curse Apollo is another Hunter class god, but he brings a lot more mobility to the game than Artemis or any of the other Hunters save Jin Wei. His ultimate ability allows him to hop in his chariot and ride across the map at a moment’s notice and like his sister, he’s capable of putting out a ton of damage in the late game with a few stuns thrown in.

This one is more involved than the other three, so you’ll definitely have to be dedicated to get it. It’s totally worth it though, because you get two for one with this task. Download the Curse Voice program and start it up, playing at least five matches while Curse Voice is running in the background. You should then receive an email to the address you signed up for the service containing the code to unlock Apollo.

Since this is a code it generates, you should be able to redeem it on the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game, but you’ll have to play the matches to earn it on the PC version of Smite.

Agni and Curse Agni skin


Agni is another mage god that offers different utility compared to Ra and Nu Wa. He’s speedier than Ra when it comes to getting around the battlefield and he fights a war of attrition that sets his foes on fire for lasting damage even after he’s out of the attack. Combined with his Noxious fumes ability, any of his fire abilities will stun enemies who are caught in it making for the perfect team fight setup.

All you have to do to unlock this god and skin is play 10 matches with the Curse Voice client you downloaded to unlock Apollo. Once you’ve played a total of 10 matches, you’ll receive a code to the email you used to sign up for Curse Voice. As previously mentioned, you’ll need to complete this challenge on a PC, but you should be able to enter the code on the console versions of the game.



Blood Eagle Thor skin


blood-eagle-thorThor is one of the default heroes that’s available in the game. He’s an assassin, which means he’s great at single target damage and absolutely raining hell down on the enemy. He’s also quite mobile thanks to his ultimate, which tosses him up in the air after a brief charge and allows the player to choose where to land.

To unlock this skin, you’ll have to download Hi-Rez Entertainment’s other game, Tribes: Ascend. It’s a fast-paced first person shooter that’s fun to play and also available for free. To unlock the skin, you’ll need to reach level 50 in the game.




Janus and Keymaster Janus skin


Janus is yet another mage to add to your pantheon courtesy of Hi-Rez. His unique abilities revolve around creating portals for you and your allies on the battlefield, making him very useful for getting a team across the map quickly. He can be quite powerful during Conquest maps where navigating the jungle can waste precious seconds between switching lanes.

To unlock this skin, all you need to do is go to the Smite eSports page and sign in with Facebook. After that you’ll be able to choose a platform and the code will be given to you to unlock this unique skin for a unique god.





Odin and Worlds Collide Odin skin


Do you love playing Faceless Void in DOTA 2 and you’re looking for a similar character to trap your enemies? Look no further than Odin. Odin is a Warrior god who is capable of doing some high sustained damage against targets caught in his Ring of Spears ultimate. This ultimate ensnares all enemies inside and prevents them from healing while allies can move and damage freely.

To unlock this god and skin, you’ll need to have access to a PS4. Linking your PSN account with your Hi-Rez account will unlock this. If it doesn’t show up instantly, don’t worry. Some people are reporting that this skin may take upwards of two weeks to show up in the game, but you’ll get a notification when it does.

This god and skin is limited to the PlayStation 4 version of Smite.

Zeus and X Zeus skin


Zeus is a powerful mage with a lot of area of effect utility that mages like Ra lack. His lightning storm ability will make quick work of the enemy team and his lighting bolts he throws from his hands can be charged using his Aegis ability.

In order to unlock this god and skin, you’ll need to download Smite on Xbox One and link your Xbox Live account with your Hi-Rez account. The same process applies as mentioned above, it could take a few days or a week for the skin to show on your Xbox account.

This god and skin is limited to the Xbox One version of Smite.



Bonus Gods using Raptr

Obviously if you’ve made it this far, you’re committed to getting gods and skins free in Smite. Raptr is a companion program that offers rewards every time you get achievements or game with others while the service is open. It also offers a selection of four gods and skins for each of them to purchase with points.

Since this takes some dedication to earn enough points to unlock them, I’ve left them off the traditional numbered list but wanted to include them here. These skins are for the PC version only, unfortunately.

  • Hel and Solstice Skin – 4,000 RP
  • Guan Yu and Guan Fu Skin – 4,000 RP
  • Bakasura and Ravenous skin – 2,500 RP
  • Freya and Valkyrie skin – 2,500 RP