Dec 13th, 2016

We’ve noticed a lack of hustle during our time hooping on the courts of 3on3 FreeStyle. As basketball coaches, we can’t let that slide. Today, just call us Phil Jackson because we’re going to teach you how to be the MVP of MVPs in this free-to-play basketball game.

6. Wait for the ball to drop


Winning any game of 3on3 FreeStyle begins with starting off on the right foot. You always want to make sure that your team gets the jump ball so in a worst-case scenario, you’re never the one trying to tie the game. To get the jump ball every time, don’t jump until the ball is about one second into its free-fall. At this point, your character should snatch the ball out of the air, allowing you to gain the upper hand on the opposing team.



This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised by how many people don’t do it. Guard whomever the game tells you to. Hold R1 next to them to stick your arms out for a “face up.” This makes it more difficult for them to move around or juke you, and helps burn seconds on the clock while they try to find an open player.

4. Use Lulu for easy blocks and dunks


Lulu is an absolute beast. There’s no denying that. Not only can this powerhouse dominate the court from anywhere in front of the two-point line, but she’s also a great defender who can block shots like nobody’s business. Oh, and she can dunk. Level-up Lulu and make sure she’s on your team for an interesting, easy game. If she’s not on your team, watch out!

3. Play 1v1 matches for quick money and exp


3on3 FreeStyle is an expensive game. Buying a character costs 15,000 credits, which takes quite a while to actually get. Because 3v3 matches take so long and offer such little reward, the best way to get credits is by playing 1v1 matches. Not only are these short, but getting a match together oftentimes takes seconds, whereas 3v3 matches can take a minute or more.

2. Duck and weave


While moving left or right, pressing “O” will give you a quick burst of speed in that direction, allowing you to juke anyone in your way. The best part of this maneuver is that it lets you effortlessly weave in and out of other players, regardless of how big or small they may be. Combine juking with a layup and you almost have a guaranteed two points.

1. Move forward to nail the buzzer-beater


Whether you’re playing by yourself or with two other people, there will be times when the scores are tied with a fraction of a second left on the clock. During these moments of high-tension, either get your teammate to pass the ball to you or get it into the hands of someone who you trust before the timer starts. As soon as the timer begins, run in front of the three-point line and take a shot. Because two-point shots are almost always guaranteed to go in, you’ll get the points and win the match.