Jan 23rd, 2017

I’ve pretty much been playing Gravity Rush 2 non-stop since it came out here in the states last Friday. So far, I’ve clocked in about 15 hours and completed around 20% of the game’s story. There’s a lot more to this game than the original Gravity Rush had to offer. With all the time I’ve spent thus far, I wanted to come up with something that would help out current players and maybe even entice potential buyers to hop onto the gravity train, because this game is damn good. Below, you’ll find five tips to make the game more fun and easier. Once I’ve finished the game I’ll probably do another tips article, but for now, head below and read on.

5. Gravity Kick during races

I couldn’t tell you if it’s faster to kick or hit the boost button, but doing a Gravity Kick instead of boost gives you more finer control for those moments where you only need to move just a little bit while you’re speeding towards a checkpoint. Of course, you have to be weary about this method because Gravity Kicks drain the Gravity Gauge very fast, so make sure to keep an eye on that gauge and look around for refills. Speaking of looking around…

4. Stop, look, and listen

Finding treasure isn’t only a fun break from playing Gravity Rush 2’s story or side quests, but it’s really easy and rewarding. Because some treasures are hidden in odd places and people might not really consider how they’re taking their picture, try listening to the environment. When you’re close to the treasure, you’ll hear a pinging noise. The closer you get, the faster the noise pings until you’re right on that little, apple-shaped box!

3. Assess the situation

if you’re going mining, you know that you should have a talisman that buffs your stasis field. If you’re about to tackle a story or side mission, maybe wait until you’re in battle before you start fiddling with things. Remember: you can equip talismans on the fly. Even if it takes you awhile to find a combination that fits your situations, you’re more than free to mix and match to your heart’s content.

2. Easy Rocket Jump

Perhaps the coolest thing about getting the Lunar Style powerup is finally having access to Kat’s “Rocket Jump.” This is a special move that takes advantage of Lunar’s light gravity by propelling Kat forward instead of up into the air. This can be used to create some interesting combos, or really smooth-looking gis. To almost guarantee a Rocket Jump anytime you want, press the left analog stick back, then forward before you hit X when you want to jump. This is a lot simpler than the finicky instructions the game provides during the Lunary Styles’ introduction.

1. Upgrade the Stasis Field!

Most of my upgrades have gone into my Stasis Field and for good reason: It’s ridiculously over-powered. Just start chucking things at Nevi and they’ll be dead before you know it. The first thing you want to do is keep upgrading the Stasis Field until you’re able to hold at least four things at once. A lower number is fine, but four lets you take down two flying Nevi or four of the smaller ones. To really go the extra mile, try to find a Talisman that lets you hold an extra item with your Stasis Field.