Feb 2nd, 2017

SteamDB has turned up some images that appeared in the latest Steam client beta that appear to show a drastic overhaul of the interface from what we have today. The overhauled design has more space for showing just games and software as the current store does, but also spots for apps, comics, TV, movies, and music.

Soundtracks and software have been available on Steam for a while now, but with this new mockup they’re integrated into the main navigation bar. You’ll also notice Comics and TV in that header, which are two categories that Steam hasn’t offered alongside its games so far.

It’s interesting for sure, but it’s unclear whether this is something that Valve is actively working towards, or if it’s a one-off that was accidentally left inside the beta files when they went live. Still, it’s interesting to speculate that Steam could be getting a very necessary overhaul and could be open to more than just games in the future.