Feb 8th, 2017

Remember the days when local co-op was a pretty common feature? When you could pass your friend the controller and beat up some baddies and save the world side by side? Well, those days are very much numbered, at least when it comes to AAA titles.

Well, modder HdHereidme seems to miss those days as he’s enabled a splitscreen mode in The Last of Us. Now, we says enabled because the actual mode exists within the game’s code. According to HdHereidme, this is a leftover from the Uncharted 3.

YouTube user Freako gives us a rundown of the mod in a recent video. While it works, it doesn’t exactly function well. For one, if player 1 walks through a door before player 2 gets through it, the latter is stuck on the other side of the door without a way to get in. Furthermore, certain actions will cause the game to crash. Player 2 doesn’t even have access to a reticle.

So yeah, the feature is incredibly rough and wasn’t meant to see the light of day, but for avid, interested parties, this is a nice little thing you can use to play with friends or loved ones.