Feb 17th, 2017

The PlayStation Vita was one of the most criminally undersupported consoles of its time. Sony got everything about the Vita right except for a handful of crucial things that ended up killing any mainstream appeal it had.

First up, proprietary memory was too expensive. Sometimes more than triple the cost of a microSD card, which is basically what Vita memory was. Secondly, beyond the initial launch games, Sony forgot to make a compelling experience for the handheld. It lacked Monster Hunter which is now firmly entrenched on the Nintendo 3DS. A year into the life of the Vita and all you had to look forward to were re-releases of PC indie games.

So what’s the company up to now? According to a new report from IGN, the company has just patented a Nintendo Switch-like handheld device. In fact, it looks eerily similar, if you ask me. The patent was first filed back in 2015, but it was just recently published. Looking at the patent diagrams, it’s unclear if the controllers are detachable but it would make a lot of sense.

For those hoping this patent heralds the return of Sony to the realm of handhelds, simmer down. Just because a patent has been filed doesn’t mean Sony will turn it into a marketable device. Sony probably isn’t eager to repeat the same mistakes it made with the PS Vita, so if this handheld does come to fruition, it will have to feature some compatibility with the PS4 to be interesting.