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This week we take a look at the Call of Duty multiplayer unveiling that happened last week with both Mark and Chris in attendance, as well as looking at both Sony and Microsoft’s Gamescom announcements. The PlayStation 4 is headed our way November 15th, Fable Legends is on the way, and Nintendo is killing it in Japan with the 3DS.

There’s also several deals related to current-gen to next-gen titles and 3DS eShop sales, so be sure and check it out!

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In this week’s GameFans Podcast, rumors of an Amazon gaming console surface, Pachter insists that PlayStation 4 will not sell Vita handheld systems, and Major Nelson unboxes a retail Xbox One revealing all its gooey insides. Iwata-san speaks about poor sales of the Wii U, every system is sold at a loss, and Target has your new all black 3DS XL for real cheap. Read the rest of this entry »

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We’re talking about Left 4 Dead 3 in this episode of the GameFans Podcast. Michael Pachter makes some predictions about the production levels of PS4 and Xbox One. Ashley is on the job playing Pikmin 3 for her upcoming review set to go live on WiiUDaily real soon. A Nintendo Direct happened today, but we talked about it yesterday. Xbox One got a bump in mHz, but should we care…yet? What’s your gamer face look like?

01:28 Nintendo weekly news
05:30 Left 4 Dead 3 tease
09:38 Xbox One weekly news
15:27 Advertisements lie
18:06 PS4 weekly news
21:38 Q&A Time: What is your gamer face like?
25:45 Listener email
27:48 Nick’s Sony stories (lots more where this came from!
31:00 Sidebar discussions: Pikmin 3, what we’re buying on next gen, indie, Killer Instinct query
45:49 Guess this new PSN game
49:05 What we’re playing
54:00 Offbeat: movies, books, etc.

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GameFans Podcast #5: Cry Babies

OUYA started of as an idea on Kickstarter. Within it’s first day of crowdfunding it became the record holder for most money raised. By August 8th, OUYA had raised a whopping $8.5M where they were asking for less than $1M to begin with.

Today, consumers may be a bit confused about why they would consider getting an OUYA. Here’s where we are hoping there is some marketing wizard on the OUYA team that will not pull any punches. We’ve had our grease hands all over the OUYA for months, playing with the UI and even sideloading the Conduit HD, originally a Wii first-person shooter.

What the OUYA offers is an Android-based developer friendly HD gaming console with it’s own storefront. This means developers can make games for it without all the typical fees or overhead of traditional console games. And because it’s on Android, games and updates can be pushed to the OUYA store immediately, without the typical wait time as experienced with consoles or iOS. All games are initially free to play, much like a demo. At any time, you can pay a relatively small price for the full version right from the console.

Many of the OUYA’s offerings are going to be indie games, but as we’re seeing with PlayStation and mobile games in general, indie is on the rise so much so that the term “indie” is becoming blurred. OUYA is touting it’s “killer app” as a game called TowerFall. It’s a retro-inspired 4-player bow and arrow fighting game with a lot of the hectic, same-screen mayhem you may have grown to love from Smash Bros. games or PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

You can pick up the OUYA at most retailers including Amazon and Best Buy for $99. An extra OUYA controller will cost $49.99 and is pretty much a necessity for multiplayer gaming. Will you be picking one up?