The Best AmendmentAh, gun control and video games: two of the most controversial topics in modern society. It would take a madman to use one of the issues to provide commentary on the other, right? Perhaps so, but Paolo Pedercini of Molleindustria seems up the task anyway.

Molleindustria, a small developer responsible for games like Unmanned and Phone Story, is also notorious for developing games that aim to speak about real world issues. Unmanned, for instance, is geared toward the drone strikes the President has come under fire for recently, and Phone Story takes a look at the cost of producing a smartphone—human labor cost, that is.

Speaking with GamesIndustry International about his new project, The Best Amendment, Pedercini said:

The Best Amendment is based on a prototype I made last year but it was only after the NRA ‘more guns in schools’ press conference in the aftermath of the Newtown massacre that I decided to turn it into a sort of sarcastic tribute to their madness. They released their infamous mobile game [NRA: Practice Range] right after railing against the ‘shadow industry’ of videogames but I was so disappointed by it… so humble, so tame, so boring. The NRA deserved something more flamboyant.

Pedercini went on to cite the Supreme Court’s approval of games’ right to free speech and stated most games have substance.

There is substance in Call of Duty: it’s the same narcotic substance that prevents people from marching in the streets to stop an absurd war that has been going on for exactly 10 years.

You can read more of Pedercini’s comments, mainly about setting up Molleindustria as a negative enterprise, at GamesIndustry International.

runs Android and can even stream computer games. But all the fun doesn’t end there, as it is powered by Android and that opens many doors.

We have all seen the Parrot AR Drone, right? It is a cool toy we see at every convention, but this time we are a bit more excited about it. The company has optimized the app to work with the NVIDIA Shield and it is a whole other experience. The Parrot can be controlled with the Shield’s gamepad, while the Drone’s live camera feed is shown in the Shield’s nice, large screen.

No thumbs getting in the way and no touch/motion controls that make operating the Parrot nearly-impossible. Just like the Shield’s gamepad improves your gaming performance, it also makes using the Parrot much more precise and fun. Check out the video and let us know what you think!

Battlefield 4 event behind closed doors, showcasing it to members of the press.

Battlefield 4 will feature a modern setting, just like Battlefield 3, and will be built on the same award winning game engine, Frostbite 2. And that’s pretty much all we know about the game — the rest is speculation.

Many had hoped for a futuristic Battlefield game, a successor to the very popular Battlefield 2142. However, Battlefield 3 featured a modern setting and sold some 20 million copies, plus a few million “premium subscriptions”. It seems that modern shooters are where the money is these days. Ten years ago it was World War 2, with Call of Duty and Medal of Honor.

Wii U as next-gen). This gave Sony a head start in the hype department, as everyone and their grandmother has been talking and speculating about the PS4 since.

Xbox 720But Microsoft doesn’t appear to threatened. In fact, they might not reveal the Xbox 720 until June at E3, according to our source. Sony put the ball in Microsoft’s court by disclosing the PlayStation 4 specs, leading many to wonder what the Xbox 720 might have in store.

Our source at Microsoft tells us that internally, the company isn’t worried one bit about the PlayStation 4. They’re very confident in not only the hardware specs of the next generation Xbox, but the games and the online features. Developers have had the final version of the Xbox 720 dev kit for a while now, and are pleased with its architecture.

Sony revealed the PS4 on February 20th with some powerful hardware, including an 8-core CPU and 8 GB of RAM. The console was made with developers in mind, and Sony showcased plenty of online and social features, including the ability to stream PS1, PS2, and PS3 games.

There still isn’t any hard evidence of what kind of hardware Microsoft packs in the Xbox 720, but at the very least, we know that they’re confident about the console they’re building.

It now appears Sony will have a few more months of free media buzz, as Microsoft will take their time and wait for E3. E3 2013 kicks off on June 11 in Los Angeles.